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Faith and Film

There are two things that everyone who knows me quickly picks up on; that I am a Christian and that I love movies (three if you count that I love my wife, but that’s not relevant to this discussion).  People assume that I “see every movie” and it has brought up one particular question with many of my friends: How do I reconcile my love of film with my faith?  There are a lot of bad or inappropriate movies out there, so in order to be a lover of motion pictures I must compromise my convictions, right?  Well, the answer to that question is not a straight-forward yes or no.  I am no authority in the church community, this is only my humble opinion on the subject, but I hope to at least explain my personal stance on watching movies.  This has been written from the perspective of a Christian to other Christians, so if you differ in your beliefs your convictions regarding what is suitable to watch or not watch could be very different from mine.  I welcome discussion about this below.  Also, I prayed before writing this because I wanted to be certain that this is in no way self-serving or a way to justify doing what I want to do. Continue reading Faith and Film