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Movie Review: Deadpool

This is not your father’s superhero film.  To start off, it you are a parent who watched the trailers or TV spots for Deadpool and thought, “OK, this is another superhero flick I can take my junior high child to” then you are mistaken.  This movie is rated R and earned its rating.  From start to finish Deadpool is filled with vulgar language, nudity, over the top violence including decapitations and heads exploding, and wildly inappropriate/offensive jokes that you would likely prefer your child not to see.  All that said, any fans of the character reading that statement are chomping at the bit to see this movie.  As far as characterization, costume, tone of the film, etc. Deadpool may be the most faithful comic book adaptation.  It is unlike any other superhero movie that has come out, which has no doubt contributed to its surprising and overwhelming success at the box office. Continue reading Movie Review: Deadpool


Positive Reaction to Deadpool and Possible Cable and Deadpool Movie

Last night there were two Deadpool screening that took place, one in Los Angeles and one in New York.  The reaction was overwhelmingly positive (check it out here).  Granted it was a room of die-hard fans with the creative team and Ryan Reynolds present so you wouldn’t expect anything different, but still I’m holding out hope that this movie will be good.  In addition to the screening, Reynolds answered questions afterwards and gave some insight about what we can expect in potential sequels.  Check out the quotes below courtesy of ComicBook.com. Continue reading Positive Reaction to Deadpool and Possible Cable and Deadpool Movie