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Marisa Tomei Offered Role of Aunt May in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Multiple reports are coming out that Oscar-winning actress, Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny, The Wrestler), is in talks to play Aunt May in Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures’ stand alone Spider-Man film.  Variety is reporting “the outlet reveals that an offer was made to Tomei last week but that she has yet to officially sign on. They also reveal that Marvel and Sony are hoping to round out the cast for the film, in order to craft a solid shooting schedule, before officially hiring a writer for the project.” Continue reading Marisa Tomei Offered Role of Aunt May in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Details Behind Casting Tom Holland as New SPIDER-MAN

Yesterday I posted that Marvel and Sony officially announced that Tom Holland (The Impossible) is going to be the next Spider-Man as part of the reboot associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Following the announcement additional details about the casting process emerged that shed some light on just how thorough both studios were in the search for this pivotal actor.  The Hollywood Reporter described the process: Continue reading Details Behind Casting Tom Holland as New SPIDER-MAN

Marvel and Sony Have Named their Next Spider-Man

I’ve avoided writing more posts about the continual search for the next Spider-Man until there was an official announcement because it seemed like someone new was the front-runner every week.  Now this official announcement has come from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios so it’s a safe bet there won’t be any further changes.  The next Spider-Man (and likely the center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the next decade or so) will be Tom Holland (The Impossible).  Marvel/Sony’s official statement (via Coming Soon) is the following: Continue reading Marvel and Sony Have Named their Next Spider-Man

Marvel Eyeing Matthew McConaughey for Norman Osbourne

Nothing official has been announced yet, but there certainly has been a lot of rumors circling the latest Spider-Man reboot as of late.  The most recent rumor is that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are eyeing Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey for the role of Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin for their next Spider-Man film.  Just last week reports came out in a Variety interview with McConaughey that he has been approached by both Marvel and DC reps in the past about being in movies but that he felt the parts were never right. Continue reading Marvel Eyeing Matthew McConaughey for Norman Osbourne

Is This Our Next Spider-Man?

Is this our next Spider-Man?  Back in January an agreement was met between Marvel Studios and Sony to “share” the Spider-Man character and ever since then Marvel has been on the hunt for the next actor who will star in their tentpole franchise.  Last week we got an announcement that there was a shortlist of five actors who were up for the role, all in their teens or early 20’s to help confirm that Marvel does indeed want a young Peter Parker to create a stark contrast to the older and more established members of the Avengers.  A few days ago the title of the standalone Spidey flick was disclosed, Spider-Man: The New Avenger, which does a great job of telling the general public that this is yet another reboot of the character but that he’s apart of the Marvel/Avengers Universe.  And then not too long ago we got the name of the young man expected to land the coveted role. Continue reading Is This Our Next Spider-Man?